Data shape forms that responds with options.?

Hello everyone,
I am often wanting this option on the data shaped multiple input form ++ where
the form can filter some items base on the inputs above, to elaborate in detail if I have a radio button input for alphabets and numbers.the user chooses either of these two.
In this case I want the form to show 1-26 if number is selected and a-z if alphabet is selected.
some thing like this,

choose format (i) Alphabet (ii) Number
if (i) (a-z) if (ii) (1-26)

What happens in the current scenario is even if you have one format selected the other still is displayed in the form Thus making us create two or more forms(one for format and one for selecting a value in the range) to achieve the end result.
May be we should have a option for this in this node.?

@Mostafa_El_Ayoubi Is there any node that can help me solve this?

@saju_autodesk , you can try this also;

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Thanks @jean,
This works good as a separate form but in case I want to have multiple forms how would i hook this to multiple input form ++ ,does this package have options for multiple inputs of different types?

The main idea is to have a single form for the user to input data.

You could just filter the selection first, assign a key to a list and choose a key with a different multiple input form and feed that into your other multiple input form.

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This is what I have been doing but the problem is I don’t want the user to keep going through many forms and want that the data is entered in one form and submitted.

Its easy for the user and of course for us to have minimum forms.
Just think of 5 values with 2 formats each I would have to create 5*2 =10 forms instead of just having 1 form that can react dynamically to the input.

Just like the VG-filter form



See how the rule fields on the right Dynamically updates with values on left, This is what I am looking for.

You can use Boolean logic to avoid triggering upstream forms as not needed though… asking them to select a category or element type, then an associated parameter, then a parameter value to filter by works quite fine in my experience.

I see, what you are looking for is to send all of the info in one form and sort through it by category. the only way i see this working is if it`s written in the actual form and make a new “Data” node for Datashapes.
To start i would recommend to maybe check they python in the quasar package and the one in the Data-shapes package to see what methods they are using and if they are compatible, eventually adding the functionality from one in the other, you could maybe use the List.ViewData as a template.