How to place view on sheet?

Hi everyone, i want to duplicate views and place on sheet. Everything is ok when i duplicate view, and then i place sheet on view with View.Sheet node, but i have problem with type of view is Structural plan view and schedule view. How i can place all view on sheet ?? May i use python code for it ?? This is my file dynamo, someone can check it for me, thanks for reading.

Select view on sheet




still has problem, someone can help me, please ??

using this node will create the sheet and then place the view…i have tried this every time it will create the sheet…there no node to place the view after create the sheet…

I think you are trying to place views that are already on sheets on other sheets and revit doesn’t like that. (Unless they are legends)


thanks for you answering, but Are you try use Node Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndViews to place views with type Structural plan view and Schedule view ?? My file dynamo is ok with Plan view, Drafting view, Legend, Section, Elevation View, but it has problem with Structural View and Schedule view.

Someone can test Node Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndViews and will see, i’m sure 100% it has problem with these view style.

I’ve reported the issue some time ago here:

Add your support to the issue. With more demand for that functionality, it will hopefully get fixed sooner.

Yes, so i need that node Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndViews in python code, i need for check it, if someone else has it, please show me, thanks.

Your input into the titleBlockFamilySymbol is a Family Type, and will not work because type != symbol.