How to place family along curve with node curve.planeatparameter?

how to place my created family along curve with node curve.planeatparameter?
i found simple gemotry can drawn on the plane but how can i place the familyinstance on the plane along curve? tks.

divide that curve in equal segments Curve.PointsAtEqualChordLength

Use those list of points for placing family using FamilyInstance.ByPoint or FamilyInstance.ByPointandLevel :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks for reply. but how to control the orientation? need to be normal to curve…

Curve.Normal or Curve.NormalAtparameter should work. haven’t tried because i dont have sample file

I would go with Curve.CoordinateSystemAtParameter, then feed the resulting coordinate system(s) into two nodes. CoordinateSystem.Origin and CoordinateSystem.XAxis (or Y, or Z). Place the family instance at the resulting origin points and use the vectors to rotate the item into place. The specifics of placement and rotation will vary by how you built your family.

thanks a lot. will try