Array along curves

Hello guys,

How can I use dynamo to array family instance along a curve of one circle?
Meantime I want each family instance can be rotated according to the center point of the circle.

I know i can divide the curve to get points and then use point, but those family instances are not rotated…

I want the outcome just like this…

thank you very much!

Hi @Sunny.Shen

This has been discussed many times on forum. You could use forum search to find solutions related to your query. Here is one of the topic we have recently discussed

Hi @Kulkul

Thank you very much!!! I have searched but maybe with wrong keywords:(

By the way, if I want to set rotation of family instance not in Z axis but in X axis, should I use python script to realise it?

Thank you again!!!

@Sunny.Shen If you want to rotate in that direction make sure in your family, when you are in family editor environment, the “Always Vertical” option is not checked.

Yes! I make sure.
I can rotate those instances in Revit.
But I don’t know how to do that in Dynamo. I have seen some people do that in python script but I know little about python…

I must see you Dynamo script and rvt file. But it shouldn’t be that complicated. I reckon you can use Rotate Geometry node and it should work.

@HossZamani with a little bit of tweaking to the topic that @Kulkul mentioned you can achieve the result. have a look at that thread and give it a shot