How to place ceiling fixtures in ceiling grid with Dynamo

Hey there, new to Dynamo.
Wanted help regarding placing the ceiling fixtures in ceiling grid at some desired distance.
Any leads on this, would be great.

Hello @dkashidNDEES and welcome, its best if you show what you have tried, but probably something here could work…you will need sparrow, ampersand, spring package


Hey @sovitek really appreciate your help. So, basically by this way we are able to place the lighting fixtures as seen below(closely placed one apart another).I want to place them at some desired distance (might be 2grids apart horizontally and vertically both likewise).
Any suggestions on how can I do this???

In that case i would just sort them out with drop items or remove item at index as here…

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Ceiling.dyn (32.6 KB)

Tried as you mentioned but not able to know whether its working or not, the script goes on running and shows run completed but no fixtures are placed. Suggestions???

could you share your sample rvt file

Sadly, I can’t share due to some confidentiality process (my bad). But yes, I can share the dynamo script …here you go.
Ceiling.dyn (32.6 KB)

Any help with this would be great.

Also, would be pleasure if you can suggest some content/courses through which I can ace in Dynamo and Revit both.
Thank you!

you could upload your sample to filetransfer, webtransfer etc. and share the link here…for revit there are probably a lot of stuff on YT and Autodesks own channel have a lot…for Dynamo then go trough primer and the dictionary under learn.there are a lot of videos on YT as well, Dynamos office hour, Gavin Crumps videos and many more .and just be in here and read all post and then just practice so much as possible :wink: try if this one here works better for you…

ceilinggrid.dyn (45.4 KB)

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Same for this script too. Run completed but no fixtures placed.

and its a facebased family ? we will need an sample for help…then

and if you are in 23-24 be sure you have dynamoironpython package installed