How to organize grids by order

Hello everyone, I’m making a script to rename grids when you insert one between existing grids

the problem is dynamo organize by id, I get the X and Y location how can I use that information to rename left to right and up to down?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @ubriacocontrerasgust …hre is example for x direction…

and for alphabetic naming clockwork have some nodes for that or something,

I usually build these types of scripts by temporarily renaming them after sorting by the grids roughly orientated to X and Y axis’, then any rogue grids at angles get done manually.

If you don’t temporarily rename them, sometimes you’ll end up with errors such as an H grid with a number that a V grid tries to use before it has been renamed, so it causes a duplicate name error and prevents the process working.

Grid numbering.dyn (57.4 KB)

Great! thanks a lot was very helpful!

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