How to Manage Packages the Right Way?

So with all these great packages coming out all the time we are seeing more and more dependencies and having to uninstall packages based on the order of installation. I recently noticed the big change when I updated “Bakery” and it needed to uninstall everything and reinstall older versions of the other packages.

What does one do?

  1. Install the best packages first and hope for the best?
  2. Convert all the package nodes into your own package that you maintain locally. ouch :frowning: that would be a lot of work?
  3. Another Option?


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Bakery has quite a few dependencies. On the dynamo package manager you can see dependencies. If a package has them, it is easier to just download from, unzip the file and place in the app data directory.


I personally prefer to make packages that have ZERO dependencies for that exact reason. However, this sounds like something that we need to raise with the Development team. It’s a pain and I agree with @Matt_Fleming that there isn’t a good way to manage them as is.