Advise on updating packages (wich sequence)


I would like to update my packages to the latest version.
Some of my packages have dependencies on other packages.
So in what sequence should i update? Mother/child or child/mother?

Thnx in advance.

Hi @Marcel_Rijsmus

Which packages your looking to update?

My suggestion for packages with dependencies is to download them from source and manually place in directory.

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+1 @john_pierson i do the same :slight_smile:

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Here are my packages.

These are all on a shared network location and the path to that location is set for all users.

So when i download the packages they are placed on the network location.
Are you saying i should remove the path to the networklocation and place the packages on my C;\ drive and copy the folders to the networklocation?
How about the xml-file in there? should i edit it?


The only one on that list that uses dependencies seems to be Bakery, (and it has a lot of them, some of which are out of date significantly). Download from, extract the contents and replaec on network.