Packages in a large office-environment - how to?

Hi there

I’m slowly introducing Dynamo and an increasing number of definitions to colleagues around my office. As people start to catch up, I consider it a great issue to use and maintain packages. Right now, I put a great effort into developing scripts that don’t rely on custom nodes. If the common non-geeky architect is supposed to make use of everyday Dynamo definitions, I consider it essential that one doesn’t need to struggle with missing/outdated packages.

I’d really like to make use of all those super-smart packages out there, but right now I don’t consider this an option for scripts that others should be supposed to run.

How do others manage this? Am I missing something? Please share you experiences!


Under Settings there is a Manage Node and Package Paths option. There has been other posts on this forum where others in large offices will place all custom nodes and packages from the package manager there. This way it is easier to manage them in one location.

I myself have not done that yet as I only have to manage two users with Dynamo, but can certainly see the benefit of doing what I describe about.

Good luck and hope this helps.

I found some extra stability by making the files and that folder read-only. There was a time that installing some packages would delete others (perhaps that’s been fixed).