How to make a sum of different lists?

Hey everyone,
I am making a measurement sheet and than a export to Excel.
I have sorted my pipes per ‘system abbreviation’, then per diameter from small to large.
Everything runs smoothly but some of the lists need to be added to eachoter to one list.
How can I add ‘0’ with ‘0’, ‘1’ with ‘1’ and make a sum of it … of 2 or more lists?

Which lists are you trying to sum together? Can you show the node preview for your nodes as well?

Want to have the sume of the 2 (or more) last lists in yellow.
So I will have one list with
0: 4800
1: 5280
2: 5920

I’m not really sure because what I did is really easy, but, do you want this?

As @Manel_Fernandez showed it should just be a simple addition…

it is working
how can I do that now for more than 2 list?
because i have 6 of them :slight_smile:

Try to repeat “+ node” as in my post. I did it for 3 lists



ok one by one!
It will be good too :slight_smile:

BIG thanks for you hulp Manel and Nick!

Or you can combine and transpose your lists so all your indices match up.


Looks more profesional and to the point!
Very nice! thanks :slight_smile:

Ha no! I already test this and it wasn’t working

Can you show all your inputs? There seems to be an issue with one of the input types.

you have enough with that?

The issue is a missing input in the last “slot” of “List.Create”


indeed! so frustrating because it is so easy :slight_smile:

Thanks Jonathan

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and i was thinking that i’m the only one who gets frustrated when it is so easy and yet, it seems to be impossible, LOL

people, could i ask you some questions in case i would have some other stupid questions? thanks!

There is no such thing as a dumb question :wink: