How to let Dynamo place all the outlets for you in Revit?

How would I go about putting receptacles (outlets) in a room spaced x ft apart?

First of all, please don’t double-post topics. At the very least, if something is similar to a topic you’ve already posted you should link to the original topic.

As for your question, you need to think about it logically. Get the bounding walls of a room. Get the interior surface and find points at the necessary elevation, separated x feet apart. (Use something like Surface.PointAtParameter.) Use one of the nodes for placing hosted elements with the family type you want to use.

@WARTELLAD - I closed out the other topic. There are a few examples of placing wall hosted elements on a surface around the forum. I suggest you look there as a start. I’ll try and post some helpful stuff tonight if you haven’t sorted things out by yourself.

Yeah sorry about the other topic. I tried looking for other examples in this forum such as this: Place wall hosted object (electrical receptacle) and Wall Hosted Receptacles (Continued), but I can’t really relate these my specific problem. The family I created is already set at 18" and I was wondering if it be easier to host the receptacles on a reference plane, but doing this would result in numerous reference planes which would be hard to keep track. Also, the wall types only show a few selections, even though the Revit model has a large selection (see attached). So I really don’t know what I’m doing here.