Placing of Revit based host families on surface of walls defined by specific coordinates

Hi Guys,
i am relatively new user to Dynamo & this forum
i have a requirement to place some Earthing points for structure models on wall as they are to be hosted.I had tried the script “surface point at parameter” & “family instance by face point”,they do work quite well ,even we can define point but the problem is that, i have to select specific face of a wall & the Coordinates might not even be on those walls that are actually required.
so is there a way that i could place the host elements on any or all walls by providing the coordinates either manually or from excel sheet & not have to select the face every time, as it could be a wrong face that i might select.
Could you please help me out .

can you please post screen captures of your DYN or the DYN itself? Even if giving you errors it will help those that are willing to help you so they can see where you went wrong.

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Hi Tom,
please find attached the images for reference:
but as you can see, i have to select a wall face for this to work. But at times all i have is coordinates, so i might not know which wall it could be, so is is possible that i could input the coordinates & get the walls corresponding to it & host such family to it in one shot.?