How to join curves?

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to create rebar using Dynamo and it comming along very nice… BUT…
I’m stuck on how to join multiple lines/arc’s/curve together.
For a simple U-shape rebar (it’s the first layer of a pad foundation) I’ve calculated al the 6 coordinates that make up the rebar shape. I made three lines (2 vertical and 1 horizontal) using “Line.ByStartPointEndPoint” and with Ärc.ByFillet" and a radius I completed the shape. But these are all stil 5 single lines.
I joined a vertical, an arc and an horizontal line with “Curve.Join”.
And then my knowledge stops!
I can also join the remaining vertical line and arc…but I can’t join these two curves to one curve.
Or is there a better way to "connect the dots? :wink:

What it the error saying, and can you show the list data ?

Hi @Mohammad_Nawar,

no need anymore. I solved it myself already.
I created a list of all the line pieces in order. Made a list transpose and used the PolyCurve.ByJoinedCurves
The output of this node goes into the Curve.Normal for the “Vectors” input for the RebarContainer.ByCurve node.

But thanks for wanting to help me out.:thumbsup:

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