How to install Python package to use from Dynamo?

Dynamo installs pretty cut version of Iron Python. Installing original IP ruins Dynamo. The question is: how to install ensurepip and pip modules for Python for future installation of other Python packages?

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You have to add library path. Here is an example of csv.

I know, thank you. The question is: how to install Python packages into that folder? Some of them can only be installed using that damned pip, which is not in Dynamo Iron Python.

I think PIP supports CPython but dynamo uses Iron Python. I don’t think so it supports PIP.

You could also ask the question in stackoverflow. See if that helps!

Iron Python supports pip its own way, the problem is that Dynamo installs its own “version” of Iron Python without this support and without many other modules. Or at least I don’t understand how it should work - this is my question to those who develop Dynamo.

I also read articles where some guys installed numpy and scipy for grasshopper which also works with ironpython. I tried several times instructions and blogpost manuals but none of them worked for me. So if you find a way to install pip modules and use them in dynamo please write a post in the thread :slight_smile:

Hello Everybody,
Do we have a solution for this?
I seem to know the way but it just does not work.

  1. python
  2. pip install “package’s name”

@HMoosavi How did you get it to work?

pip does not work with IronPython 2.7.3

Hey guys,

I stuck installing a package (defusedexpat-0.4). any update on this topic?

I would love to know of any workarounds…