How to import sample code into Dynamo


Hi Einar,

I’m the newbie in Dynamo.

Could you more elaborate, how can I import code in dynamo?


How to get help on the Dynamo forums

Welcome to the forum and Dynamo community @Naveen0116!

Unfortunately it sounds like your post is a bit off topic as this thread is about how to get help in the forum, and the gif above by @Einar_Raknes shows how to paste formatted code into the forum so others can read it. Since it appears that your question is about how to get code into Dynamo, so you need to start a new thread. Not a big deal, but we need to keep things on topic whenever possible so others can refer back and find their answers better. When you repost, you should ideally provide a bit more context to your question (what programming language is the code you have in? What are you trying to do, etc), and provide any links or formatted code (again see the gif provided by @Einar_Raknes above for how to do this) for the community to review.

Since I hate to see people have to go away empty handed, check out the Dynamo Primer, specifically the sections on code blocks and Design Script, Python, and Zero Touch nodes (sections 7, 9.4-9.5, and 10.5 respectively), as your answer may be in those pages.


Hi Jacob,

I will keep all the thing in mind.