How to hide the border line between column and beam?


How to hide the border line between concrete column and beam?
I’m trying to hide ALL the border lines…


Join elements.
Search the forum there are many good examples, and a node I believe in the hotgear package.



This column and beam are joined.
I am trying to change the line style to “hidden line style”.
Any idea?


They should join and eliminate the line if they are the same material, which they appear to be. Can you share a sample revit model with this condition so we can see what’s actually happening?


They are the same material.
Sample revit model is here.
hide_the_border_sample.rvt (1.6 MB)


Switch Join Order worked for me:

I am not aware if there’s a dynamo node that can do this, but there’s a method in the API.


@viktor_kuzev We do have python for this thanks to @Einar_Raknes.


I’m sorry for the late reply. I could finally understand it. Tahnks!