How to group and filter the beams with start points and end points?

Hi everyone in Dynamo forum!
I would like to filter the beams with request the end point of the first beam is the start point of the second beam.
I filter Y start point and Y end point, but i don’t now how to group and filter it. Please help me! Thank you so much! Have a nice time.

  1. wire the cireve.endpoint into the upper element.getlocation node this will cut your processing time on larger datasets.

  2. try a geometry.distanceto with cross product lacing. Use an if statement to filter out the beams which aren’t within ‘near zero’ (I’m assuming that you want stuff that misses by a small distance as well). Something like: List.Clean(dist < 0.25 ? beam : null, false);

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Thank you Sir @JacobSmall but i just use the dynamo. Can you give me example?

The best way to learn is to start.

Give what I tried a shot. If you haven’t already, do the primer in it’s entirety (skip nothing), and then try to build the graph above. If after a few attempts you’re still stuck, post where you got to and I’ll try and find the time to guide you to a solution.

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