How to give dormer in a roof in dynamo


how to give a dormer in a roof , need your help
also what about ist storey walls with varying height due to inclined roof


can you share your DYN with the group? Also, please expand the error messages and post what you are getting. What you have posted is not enough for people to HELP you with YOUR problem.


success roof 11.dyn (27.5 KB)

this is dyn file of my roof , its a rough file as walls made in revit are fed for roof to be made over it . this group below is just the noded version of above code block so dont be confused .
i have two problems now

  1. i couldnt find any node to attach wall top to roof as we do in revit
  2. how can i put dormer in my roof


that kind of house design should be forbidden on the forum :stuck_out_tongue: