How to give an element a new ID

I am using a TextNote.ByLocation node to place a text note in a view, which is working fine the first time. However on the second run it overwrites the old text note instead of creating a new one.

I think I’m looking for a way for it to create another element ID possibly? Does anyone have any experience with nodes doing this when they don’t want them to? Thank you.

The might be a solution in here

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You’ll need them in two different graphs - like actually close the one, open it again and run it. Or feed TextNote.ByLocation a list of notes and locations you want.

What you don’t want is to manually give anything an ID.

I’m using dynamo player as Marcel’s link suggested. It’s overwriting with the correct value but in the old location.

Edit: I’ve tried once again using the player and it seems to be working now. Thank you for your help.

Version 2.dyn (49.5 KB)

Feeding it a list of notes and locations is a bit problematic because of how the rest of the graph is set up. At the moment I can only think of a way of obtaining the note value one at a time sadly.

I measure the length and enter it manually, and select two rooms to get the rest of the parameters required.
The excel is referencing a table of dB ratings.