Element.Location on Tag not working anymore (Revit 2018 & Dynamo 1.3)

Hi all,
i had an old definition that was using Element.Location on Tag,i notice today that it doesn’t work anymore.
Actually the Element,GetLocation does not work anymore either.
I used a Python script from @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi to work around the Get Location but i have no idea how to get around the Set location.
I’m basically giving the tag a new X & Y. I could go about finding the differences but Geometry.Translate doesn’t seem to work either.

Can you post a dyn and rvt for people to test with? Also what version of both Revit and Dynamo are you in?

Just get any tag and run the Element.getLocation node.

I changed the title, good idea :slight_smile:

Try Tag.GetLocation from MEPover. It should work for all tag types. Rhythm also has a few nodes dealing with tags that should be able to return the location for you.