How to get X,Y,Z Point from wall

Hi all,
I am placing one family by manually. I try to create a automatic family placement inside of the opposite wall. But I get only centre point of the room only. How to get the X,Y,Z point from opposite wall.

Assuming your family is point based and your rooms have parallel walls, you could try this:
Get the family which you have.
Get the wall nearest the placed family.
Get the normal and from that wall.
Get the room.
Get the bounding elements of the room.
Remove the previously selected wall from the list of bounding walls.
Use a surface.projectonto node to move the point along the normal until it finds the next wall of the room.
Place a new family at that point.
Rotate the family 180 degrees on the Z axis.

Hi JacobSmall,
I am placing the family on opposite wall but I need to rotate the family position as mirror type. I tried to use element.postion-rotation-mirrored node but I am stuck to where this output of node to given. Can u told what is the possible option to mirror the family.

Apparently I posted to the wrong thread… sorry about that.

After you move the family you need to mirror the elements transform, or rotate it 180 degrees about the Z axis. Send a sample file and the .dyn and I’ll try and take a look at it tomorrow night.

Have you tried the “RayBounce.ByOriginDirection” node? Once you find the nearest wall, you could shoot a ray with the initial instance as origin and the wall’s (reverse) orientation as a direction.

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I attached the revit and dynamo file. But my background file size is more than 6MB, So it not uploaded.
Beam Transmitter & Recevier.rvt (2.5 MB)
Transmitter & Recevier.dyn (22.6 KB)

Hi Dimitar,
I am not going in that way. I am simply subtract the space centre coordinates point and element points. Then I multiply the output into 2. Finally I added the space coordinates point and multiplies outputs. The elements are placed in opposite side of the wall but know I mirror a family based on previous elements.