How to get total length of curves and find desired kilometric point

I have an alignment which contains line and curves. Alignment coming from dwg file.
Is it possible to get total length and find desired kilometric points on it ?

I’m using this alignment as a path to create a family along it.
I need to change this family’s parameters depends on kilometric points.
Lets say I want to change “Height” parameter 0 to 35 starting from 0+050.000 to 0+100.000. :slight_smile:
Is it possible with Dynamo ?


please read this: How to get help on the Dynamo forums

@Emre_Geckin, yes please review the posting guidelines. If you post screenshots and the work you’ve already done. You will get a quicker answer.

Alright, Please check below image

Hello, you can have a look at BimorphNodes for CAD imports, and also at this thread for a start:

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