Curve lenght value is null ? i will be crazy

hello guys

i can understand why the curve lenght is null, 2 days i’am on it i will be crazy.

does anyones help me ?
Dessin2-SW.dwg (934.1 KB)
Point kilometrique-SW.dyn (58.2 KB)

There is a method in Autocad distance at point
I didn’t find it in the dynamo Could be better Try it another way


@dr.hybride Check if this is what you are trying to do.

Point kilometrique-SW.dyn (79.3 KB)

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Thank you
i still don’t understand but it works
God bless you and give you the highest level of the janna

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I will break it down for you,

in your code you was dividing the single polyline into 3 segments from single polycureve and then use 6 points in reverse direction to divide the lines.

The order of points is imp as each segment of line will try to locate the point and divide line at that point but some points are out of segment as you divided line in to 3 parts.

Will also suggest to see some example of List.Levels and see if this help you understand List Levels in detail.

Please accept the solution if it resolved your problem so that this can be useful to other people in future.

thank you for the quickly reply

but it works for the short polyline but when you lengthen the polyline it doesn’t works anyway i give up