How could I get TextNotes in Dynamo1.2.1

It’s weird in Dynamo1.21 can’t work

But in 0.9.1 can work

in dynam it is still working
try using the categorie node

You need space between Text and Notes in the code block

Hi @sjy0917

You need to use it with OST (Object Style Type) in code block All Elements Of Category in a Code Block

I have found the problem.
Because my version is in Chinese language, I solve it with English version.

It’s useful!
I’ll read that, thank you!

Hi i get the same message if i use dynamo with german revit. Don’t get with english revit.

I use the categories node to select textnotes (german Notizen).

Any clue?

Tried it with:
0.9.3 - working but there are no german categories. Its in english.
1.2.1 - not working. Categories in German. With english revit working fine.
1.2.3 - same as 1.2.1

Hi @schlueter

Could you please start a new topic. Thanks :slight_smile:

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