Extracting co-ordinates from geometry of room or any other structure

<p style=“color: #000000;”>Hi,</p>

<div style=“color: #000000;”>I am a newbie in using C# and Revit API programming for creating plugins.</div>
<div style=“color: #000000;”>I am completely new to Dynamo.</div>
<div style=“color: #000000;”>I saw some basic video tutorials for Dynamo but could not find if it is possible to do what I am trying to do using Dynamo.</div>
<div style=“color: #000000;”>I am trying to retrieve all the co-ordinates of any structure.</div>
<div style=“color: #000000;”>Let’s say, for a room with four walls, I need to retrieve the co-ordinates of the four corners and write them to a text file.</div>
<div style=“color: #000000;”>Also, I need to extract all 4 (or at least 2 diagonally opposite) co-ordinates of windows and doors.</div>
<div style=“color: #000000;”>I got some help here</div>
<div style=“color: #000000;”>http://dynamobim.com/forums/topic/rooms-doorsorwindows-explanation/#post-16483</div>
<div style=“color: #000000;”>But I could not get all the required co-ordinates.</div>
<div style=“color: #000000;”>Thank you.</div>