How to get shared parameter unique id, group, etc

i’m doing SPs check within Rvt/Rfa against SP file, 2 questions:

  1. how to get SP uid, group, etc within Rvt/Rfa? it can be done via API but not sure in Dynamo, i’ll compare it w/ SP file to see if it’s consistent, not only uid but also group (category), etc
  2. i assume it’s not possible to just rename SP both in Rvt/Rfa and SP file w/o changing uid, isn’t it?
    thanks in advance!
  1. Whatever can be done with the API can be done with Dynamo, in the end Dynamo is accessing the API to communicate with Revit. Good example:
    Get shared parameter info out of Revit

  2. SP cannot be renamed, if you want to rename a SP in Revit you need to create a new one and move the data to this new parameter. So GUID desn’t necessarily needs to be new, you just need to rename it in the SP file, move the data to another parameter, create the new SP and move it back.

thanks architectcoding, how about getting binding categories in Dynamo? i want to compare against group (in SP file), again, inconsistent issue

Cool, hope this can get you started:

thanks architectcoding.

i just noticed that GUID i got from shared parameter element is not same as GUID from SP file, is it because project parameter needs to be added using that shared parameter so in fact new GUID of project parameter is generated which is different from SP file?
again, how to get GUID of shared parameter within Rvt/Rfa so i can compare w/ GUID in SP file?

edit: must have some kind of “connection” between those 2 GUIDs, isn’t it? perhaps shared parameter definition is the key?

edit: Bakery package to the rescue

figured out GUID’s stuff, now stuck in Group, not builtin group i.e. PG_xxx, but group from SP file i.e.

Hi @Ning_Zhou,

See this post. It might be albe to help.

Good luck :slight_smile:

thanks Martin, perhaps i didn’t state it clearly, i want to get group info from Rvt/Rfa to compare w/ SP file, just like i did the same for GUID, SP’s GUID in Rvt/Rfa should be the same as GUID in SP file, so is group, isn’t it? i guess it should be in (shared) parameter definition but i’m not exactly sure

i noticed that when i add project parameter via SP file, group info won’t reflect from SP file, it always changed to builtin one i.e. Text, instead of Project & model identity


Ah ok I see what you mean.

Unfortunately, adding parameter groups is not something we can do, as far as I know.

so what is the use of group in SP file, only to organize clearly in SP file? at first, i thought group info will match between Rvt/Rfa and SP file just like GUID did, so group info from SP file will be totally lost in Rvt/Rfa?

I believe this is it tbh.

The GUID is the only identifier, as far as I know.

good to know, thanks again Martin for clarification