How to get result like this ? (List Logic)

Please and thanks in advance.

Without any other information it’s impossible to tell what exactly you’re after. It would be helpful if you explained what your goal is and how you got to this point as well.

The below is one example, but without knowing the rules of your lists and how they can be constructed we’re only guessing at what’s viable.


Actually my ultimate goal is to remove point that are likely to be at the same place.

so i think if i can create new list like the first picture i posted…i can find a solution.

absolutely genius…thanks
my learning path still stuck with that “Use Level” thing…appreciate if you could provide any source of learning that things…I still use an old school “list map” node.

Ah. See that is a completely different problem with a completely different solution than what you showed in the first image. For similar points you can just use Point.PruneDuplicates for exactly what you’re looking for.

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Thanks again…that node just save my day !!!

Have a look at " 06 - Process data effectively using list levels - Dec 2020" in this Youtube playlist: