How to creat point list by list.CartesianProduct

Hello, this question really troubles me a long time, please help me!

I have two lists, list-x represents the x component of the point and list-yz is the existing point list.
I want the outcome list become:
0:(X= 370, Y=7777.257, Z=7310,540)
1:(X= 370, Y=7726.162, Z=7286.496)

81:(X= 610, Y=7777.257, Z=7310,540)
82:(X= 610, Y=7726.162, Z=7286.496)

161:(X= 850, Y=7777.257, Z=7310,540)

totally 6400 items in the list.

I know i should use the node like “list.CartesianProduct” but I cannot find the comb of the node:(
Could someone help me? Thank you very much!!!

combine lacing and levels…

Actually you don’t :slight_smile:
A simplified version of the one suggested by @erfajo

Of course only levels … very nice :+1:

Thank you very much!!! I didn’t know the function before… :slight_smile:

Thank you !!! I think I can solve a lot of problems by this!!!

@Sunny.Shen Here is how to mark post as solved. Your Welcome!

definite @Vikram_Subbaiah solution :wink: