How to get (project) parameters values via ParameterElement

i can get names but how to get values?

example in german, but easy to understand.

thanks Fiesta, that’s my 1st approach but unfortunately not all “needed” parameters in PI so more general way must be used, in short, no specific element i.e. PI should be specified, say how to get values of all project parameters in RVT?

You have to get them from the source. You have to get PI parameters from ProjectInfo. You have to get element parameters from the elements. What categories are your parameters applied to? That should tell you how you need to go about getting their values.

thanks Nick, well, since ParameterElement is already there, must have a way to get values instead of just names, right? again, what happens if i want to get all project parameters’ values, i don’t think it’s good idea to get all elements of all categories in model in order to get that info, maybe ParameterElement is not the way to get that info?

ParameterElement is just the parameter - without any assigned element it has no value. If you have a parameter assigned to multiple elements then those values can obviously differ. The value is specific to the instance so it has to be queried from there.

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i see, thanks Nick for your clarification

did you find a solution? I am wanting to get the corresponding parameter ID of those parameter Elements but not the ID of the element parameter