How to get nested family parameters values

I dont seem to be able to pull the parameter values in from a nested family. Any Ideas what I am doing wrong?
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Ok so I think I know what the problem was. The “Comments” parameter that was in each family is a built in parameter and revit was getting confused on which one I wanted since it existed in every environment. So I added a new shared parameter to the nested family and then called that one in the scrip…

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what a coincidence… I am just coding nodes for family documents with nested families right now… along with nodes for lookup files.

I will reveal them as soon as I have finished testing them.

here’s a sneak preview…


I have now released some new nodes, among these is “FamilyDocument.GetNestedFamily" and "FamilyDocument.GetNestedFamilyType”

Fam-Nested-Lookup.dyn (40.6 KB)


Hi @erfajo,

It would be great if you can update this node for Dynamo 2.*…
I want to manage setting “family type” parameters with Dynamo.