How to get nested family parameters values

I dont seem to be able to pull the parameter values in from a nested family. Any Ideas what I am doing wrong?

Maybe try flattening the elements list before sending it into the Element.GetParameterValueByName node…

Thanks for your reply PauLtus, Im not sure what good that would do, since its already a flattened list, but I tried it anyways with the same results. :frowning:

Can you extend your first screenshot so that we can see the whole window, also name etc. It seems that “Comments” is not a parameter attribute of the markers…

Errr, I just realized that comment was immensely dumb…:drooling_face:
I guess… check wether you actually have the right element? Otherwise I really don’t know.

For every marker, I wrote the appropriate comment into its parameter value, and I need to be able to distinguish each marker from each other but its not seeing those values for some reason

I believe i have seen this when the nested family was not shared

Yeeeeea… It was the name which you have erased I was after… But check out the shared thing, it might be the culprit.

@m.rijsmus just made me realize you said that: you can’t simply pull data from a nested family, which is an annoyance, you might try to control the paramter value via the parent family and you should be able to read that quite easily.

Please have another look. It is already shared family.

hi, could you pls upload your family?

Ok so i tried loading in parameters with the text that I wanted and associated them with the nested families, but I am still getting nothing. What gives?

Ok so I think I know what the problem was. The “Comments” parameter that was in each family is a built in parameter and revit was getting confused on which one I wanted since it existed in every environment. So I added a new shared parameter to the nested family and then called that one in the script and it worked fine.