Can dynamo access non-shared nested families and their parameters?


Can dynamo access non-shared nested families and their parameters?



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I am not sure if there is a better way, but I guess you could open the family in background and read the values that you need.

I’d advice to let as many parameters be controlled by the parent family but I’m guessing that may not be an option.
I’ve had a similar issue but I actually ended up getting most data from an external excel file.

@jnoordzij, try using the “FamilyInstance.SubComponents” node from the Clockwork package. Hope this helps.

@PauLtus Can you explain a little bit about your workflow in that case?

The parameters of the nested families that are instance families, can be controlled by parameters of the parent family, then these parameters can be accessed via the parameters of the parent family.

If that’s not a possibility it’s simply a matter of having all the nested family data in an excel file, on axis for the types, other for the parameters, you’re doing double work with that, sure, but I feel it’s the safest way to do it like that.

Do you mean that you use the excel file for ‘import family types’?

In this specific case it worked out well for me as these family were generated via data from an excel file. When needing data from those nested families I simply looked at their type and checked what the excel data said about them.
I’m guessing this might be quite convoluted if the data isn’t in an excel file in the first place, but it’s the one way I know how to deal with an issue like this, which, to be fair doesn’t directly solve your problem but is just a workaround.