Duplicate Point Removal


Complete new starter to Dynamo, love the potential it has but cannot seem to get my head around it. I have a topo which has points and 3D polylines in it. I have some points which are in the same position of the vertices of the 3D polylines. I thought (and probably is to some one that knows what they are doing) it would be an easy task and something that will benefit me in the future, but I want to strip out of the duplicated points that have matching X, Y and Z coordinates of the 3D polylines.

I have spent the best part of a day trying to find guidance but I seem unable to do so and so hope this forum can help.

My attempts have been along the lines of extracting the vertices of the 3D polys, make a list, extract the points and make a list, combine the list and remove duplicates - now the part that I am struggling with is removing from the list the vertices of the 3D polys leaving me with points that have no matching linework and thus no duplicates.

Can this be done - if so how?

There should be a node called Point.PruneDuplicates that does exactly this.

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It does for one part of it but it is the removal of the 3D polyline vertices that it cannot do. I have managed to get the result I want from a little more late night perseverance by using the list setdifference node.