How to get item in list with name

Hi everybody,
I have a list, i want to make filter elements by the option name family, but I have not yet.
Everyone help me.

Use Name node to get the Names,
Use == node to check if the name is equal to your ‘concrete-rectu…’ name
Use filter.byboolmask to filter the types.

Something like that?


You can also reduce your number of nodes by using All Elements of Category instead of getting the category > families > types > elements of type. This will give you a single list as well so you won’t have to worry about list structure.

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You can try it. i think would you like that.


Careful here, @robert12546358. All Families of Category returns all loaded families where All Elements of Family Type returns all placed instances, so your lists don’t actually line up between families and elements.

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