Get all parameters names by element type

Dear forum,
I’m new to dynamo and still at the basics.
Is there a way to get all the parameter names (either instance and type) from a given element?
I.e. walls, roof, etc

I’m trying to export a list of parameters of some element types (i.e. walls) and I would like to export them in excel. I’m not creating schedules, just getting the data through element types (Wall) > all element of type > element.parameters.
I get i.e. Width : 2.50 mt etc.
Now i would like to take the result and separate the parameter names from the parameter values.
I managed to use string-from-object node and then string.split by using " : " as separator.
I got a splitted list but now I’m struggling to extract only the sublist with the parameter names.
I believe there’s an easier and more efficient method to do so but can’t figure out how.
At the moment I can’t post the graph as I’m not at my desk. I will later on.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Paolo,

why don’t you go directly for this solution?

In case you want to extract only the Type parameter, you can use the same logic:

That’s what I’m talking about! I knew there was a quick way around but i was lost somehow in the jungle.
Thanks for pointing that out!

you can do like this also…

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