How to get Cuboid of slanted beam or column?

Hi all!
I am trying to get the cuboid of slanted beam or beam are not aligned to x, y axis (Like attached pictures).
I used BoundingBox.ByGeometryCoordinateSystem node then used BoundingBox.ToCuboid but the results just not what i expected.
I think the problem is cs input.

Someone here can help me?

I expect the length, width, height of the cuboids match with the size of beams.

if you extract the elements faces, then use the faces to make a solid you’ll end up with a solid that exactly matches your geometry.

Why not extract the solid directly? Try this:

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Dear Dimitar,
Thanks for your reply.
I tried your solution but with some specified situations such as beam is cut by column (Like a picture). The results is so confused.
That’s why i want to try to use boundingbox.
Can you help?

By the way, do you know which node can divide one incoherent solid to many coherent solids?
Thanks a lot.

Hi Vo,

It would be better if you can drop your rvt file and dyn file here. Thanks :slight_smile:

For your second query create new topic please.

Thanks for your help.
I attached the Revit and dynamo file here. The size of two highlight beams are quite confused, just not like others.

Get Cuboid Of Beam.dyn (7.3 KB)
Test Geometry of slanted beam.rvt (2.7 MB)

In that case, you could get the beam’s location line, create a rectangular profile with the size of the beam (extracted from its type properties), and sweep the two.

guys after edge curve geometry can you select specific edge and take its length

I have this, but it does not work for inclined beamsMET-CA_Vigas_Perimetro.dyn (67.4 KB)