Get Coordinates of linked models elements related to host model

Dear All,
I try to make a dynamo script to get the actual coordinates of plumbing fixtures (drains) found in a linked models related to the host model coordinates, but the coordinates that got from drains in linked models are the coordinates of these elements in the linked model not in the host model .
I need the actual coordinates in host model to copy these elements in host model, here under a graph that show what I mean ., Any Ideas


You probably need to use the coordinate transform of the document to copy your elements in the good location.
“Springs.Doc.CopyFromLinkInstance” node use the transformation of the link to copy the elements.


Thanks alot , i will try it, but i have some questions,
This node comes from spring package ??
Is this node works for multiple links instances??

And you can copy elements and change their location afterwards :

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Yes it’s from Springs package. Try with lacing on longest on the node.

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Thanks a lot Genius Alban i will try it then send u feedback thanks again

After using this options , the elements have been copied to the same place but the issue is that these elements comes from a design options applied to linked elements so all elements copied at each link instance with extra plumbing elements comes from other design options loaded in that link … is there a way to copy elements that comes only from a certain design options from the link or something like that , i don’t know , Please Advise ???

hi alban,

is this graph usable in case of an view and not an pluming fixture? im noticed that views dont have a location. do u have any clue hoe to het the location of an view so that i can copy it to my document?