How to get color to work?

I have been working on this file trying to follow Kyle Martins workflow. I am not sure how to get the colors to correspond to the program. None of the colors have worked. I have been considering duplicating every mass family to try to get the color that way but then it won’t be tied to dynamo. I will attach the excel file, the revit files and the dynamo file to see if anyone can help me with this. It took me a long time just to get the mass family to show up. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I can’t attach my files to this message because I am a new user? Is there another way to send them?

Google drive or similar and post the link

Hi @schutzk

You could drop your files in google drive or dropbox and share the link here.

Maybe this will work. Let me know if you can not access it.

@schutzk I tested your files and found below comments.

  • Excel Cell count for colors is 38 but your elements are 39. Make sure both matches.
  • There is no Parameters by the name “Fill Color” and “Use Maximum Radius” for your mass elements.
  • You can’t add values to read only parameter (Program Area)

Hello, I think it’s a Revit issue: a material parameter must be associated to the form in the family file. In the project file > Object styles, the default material from Mass category has to be deleted. Any material type can then be assigned to the volumes through this material parameter.

Okay I changed the parameter but it still does not show color. I deleted all the default materials in the mass category. The mass is telling me what color it should be in the properties however, it is not actually changing its color. Any thoughts?

The material parameter applied to the form in the family has to be associated with the Fill Color parameter through the property palette button