Get a Revit Element a from List Item (Revit Element is within a family)

Trying to get a individual line from within a family. I Select the Family, then break that down with Element.Geometry to get the individual lines that are in the family. I want the first item of the list, then I want to place that Line into the Element.Curves. What step do I need to fill the gap. I am open to another option to get to this point, thanks.

What are you trying to do? Element.Curves takes a family instance and returns the curve geometry.

Thanks for the reply. My mistake. I was trying to get the Element Curve of one of the lines in the family. Rookie here and trying to complicate things that did not need it. I got what I needed. Thanks again.

The first big step in learning Dynamo is tying to figure out all the nodes. :wink: