How to get all elements not in groups

Hello I have a very large building so I have a lot of things in groups to help me do it. However for some reason, many of my ducts have a in the comments section and it is showing up in the tag when I tag it because thats what our tag is supposed to do, however I dont want the stupid little in the tag so I want to delete all of them from the comments parameter. I tried to filter all the ducts in the model that have this using another addin with a detail filter however, I cant change all ~700 of them because many of them are in groups. So how do I at least filter out all the duct work that is not in groups? All Ive got so far is this, but I cant even get the group name and it is kind of the opposite of what I want to do. Can anyone please help?

Here’s how you could do it, but it doesn’t work if you’re using groups in groups. Then you’d have to use the Group.Members node multiple times.

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Thanks! that helps! but how do I delete or clear the comments parameter in the ducts themselves, I was able to isolate them, from the end of your graph there but I cant seem to get the element IDs or figure out a way to clear them. Here is where Im at, any advise would be most helpful!:

Would a (non Dynamo) method be to create a schedule and summarise the ducts, then change the parameter there

It shouldnt matter if they are in groups or even nested groups ?


Use a FilterByBool in combination with the bool ouput from the string filter you used to filter the ducts you want. Then Use Setparameter on the ducts that are filtered out and use that to set the Comments to “” (empty string).

@T_Pover- I am not sure I follow you. Please look at what I got, its not working.
@Andrew_Hannell-I realize that, but sometimes I just like to start small as I am just learning dynamo. Thanks though!

Actually, changing it in a schedule is not allowed either, I need to filter out the ones in groups…

Not at a computer now, but you should plug the bool port into the Mask port. The duct elements should go into the list port.
I hope that makes sense.

I think i did what you said, but I dont understand it and it didnt seem to fix any ducts in the model. please advise

Almost there, I think you have to use the In port instead of the Out port on Filterbyboolmask node.