How to fix "No Parameter Found By That Name"

I can’t figure out why this workflow does’t work. I am sure that the family has the parameter named in “String” I tried other families too, it doesn’t work.
Did mess up the nodes?


I this an instance parameter, or a type parameter? They’ll need to be set differently.
The approach you’ve shown here would work for an instance parameter.

But if it’s a type parameter it will need to be set slightly differently; try putting a FamilyInstance.Type node between your All Elements of Family Type and Element.SetParameterByName nodes in order to point towards the family type instead.

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This is great, Oliver, it does not show the warning anymore, however, I noticed that the workflow doesn’t do what I intended - randomise the height of elements.

What are you trying to randomize?
Are you trying to randomize the number of the sequence? Then List.Shuffle is ok but it’s not randomizing, simply changing the order.

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Depth of curtain panels.
What would you suggest instead?

I like that one:

There are other nodes for randomization in the packages too.

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Hmmm…I’m getting the same outcome with this one too. All panels heights(depths) change when I change any of the variables.

Well, I’m not sure what do you mean, but as long as the List of random numbers is as long as the list of family instances (so for 10 panels you need 10 values) this should work as expected. When you change the seed value it’s another random sequence so all the panels will change (of course since it’s random - maybe not all, some of them may have the same values) in a random way.
Isn’t this what you’re after?

If it’s a Type parameter you’ll have to create different Types with different values. It sounds like you’re currently setting the same type to multiple values which just leaves you with the last value applied.

Might be best to share an rvt with the family in question so that we can see where the error lies.