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I have a list of families that i want to randomize between a max and min values a single instance parameter.

So far i get the list of families no problem, the parameter name is read perfectly so i just need to find a way to change the value.

I’m assuming i need to assign the random value to the Element.Set.Parameter.ByName value but it needs to be a random value for each instance.


Thanks for your help


does this help?


It was one of the first discussion that popped when i search )
Unfortunately no, or at lest im too stupid to use it :slight_smile:

In this case im looking to randomize a parameter from an instance not a type.


This works fine to set the same value everywhere but i have a feeling that i will need to create another list, with the same number of elements, that contains random values THEN apply that to the parameter.






With the Math.Round i get angle values that i’m looking for.

Then i’m parsing to the individual families. I plug the Math.Round into the value of the Element.SetParameterByName node i get a values in Revit like 515.662 degrees :slight_smile:





Revit is hard coded to work in radians. Could you try adding a Math.DegreesToRadians node ?


God i’m so stupid ahahah

Thanks a million Dimitar