How to find who deleted elements

Hi guys, conceptually, is there any way to figure out who deleted an element(s)? Sorry, I know I am supposed to have my own script to start with, but I just want to know if its possible. Can I use the journal files?

Dear mix, yes it is conceptually possible. I am waiting for you start scripting, I doubt dynamo alone can solve it.

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Have you ever seen this blog posting?

Or this one?

And a partial assembly of an add-in can be found here:


Considering you’re asking it, I’m guessing something went missing and you want to know who and/or how.

The first link above requires you already had the software running in the background. I haven’t come across anyone who has utilized this solution on a large scale project yet - not to say t can’t be done but as pointed out in the second link things get complicated quickly due to the speed of growth. Every transaction is a LOT of data to collect.

The second option I’ve seen in use. It’s fairly straight forward, and can be implemented between but doesn’t provide that pesky who bit you’re after.

The only way I know to assemble this after the fact is to check the journals for every user who was in the model over the time from when you last knew it existed and when it was first discovered to me gone. It’s a lot to do, but you can start certainly speed the process.

So I looked into the journal files, and can harvest who, and if they used the delete command but I dont see anywhere in there what the element ID of the element that got deleted. Any ideas how to find that?

Can you use the Revit Macro creator for the first one? @Ewan_Opie I dont have visual studio

Do you have an archive of the model. That would be a good place to start. Elements IDs do change over time though so it might not match.

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What do you mean element IDs change over time?

This is not to say that the element ID did not change. I just wanted you to know that it might have.

Ok, but do I even have access to the unique element ID in the journal file? If so, I am having trouble finding it
any advise?

I am not sure on that, my journal file knowledge is limited. Did you try the Element ID?

Check this out as well it may provide you some help.

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