Filter or Get Elements that has been modified within a time frame of the day

Hi Sirs,

Is it possible to make a report of elements that has been modified in the revit document that i am currently working on with in a day? Say, Elements that were created or modified from 8am to 9am.

The report will be consist of element IDs and timestamp of modification.

Is it possible?

Thank you very much in advance.

This is not possible OOTB with Revit or Dynamo, but you could do it with a custom add-in that would record and track modifications, but it would probably be resource and space intensive to track all modifications. What/ why do you need know? Perhaps there are other ways depending on what you need.

Hi @SeanP ,

I am just wondering if the routine is possible in dynamo. ^^
But the reason I thought of this idea is, in the event I ran a script that goes through a hundred elements. I just want to know how many elements has been actually modified at that instant in that document.

I noticed there were cases where I ran a script and then a little later on that day… we will find other floating or clashing elements that were also modified that is not related to the script that I ran in the same document. So even though I always put a watch node at the end of each script to monitor the elements, I just want to make sure that there were no mistakes made to modify other elements.

Thank you for your reply @SeanP .

Ok, so this changes my thoughts some based on what you describe. In this case, I would suggest that you create an instance parameter for the categories that you’ll be modifying and when you run your graphs, you get a DateTime value and set the parameter to the DateTime. Then you would know when it was last modified by Dynamo if you needed.

@SeanP thank you for this idea… though it would be a bit hard to implement at this stage of the project… maybe on the next project we will do so… thanks bro ^^

Hi @batoushinden, maybe try also check the journal file that list all actions.

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