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I am wondering how can I use list of deleted elements after comparison of models in modification tracking script?

Is there a chance that list of deleted elements can be shown inside Revit? For instance, if you delete an air terminal, can the script be modified that the cube or something similar is placed on the position of deleted element?

Best regards, Branimir.

Try this:

Get the Element and then its location out of the old model using a backround open method. Output not just the locations as points, lines, or centroids but also some basic info (family and family type, important instance parameters like level).

You can save this to xls with the list of deleted IDs (useful for referring back) if you want.

Then in the new model create your ‘tracking family’ for the point and line based elements, and set up a schedule view accordingly.

Note I’m assuming you are ignoring detail items.


Thanks for this. In the meantime I managed to do something by myself that is also on track of your post.

I exported ID and family names of deleted elements into the excel. After that I opened old model, and tried to do the following:

  • read the excel file that was generated earlier
  • read the deleted elements by their ID
  • color them in some color

Problem that I have is that I don’t know how to color elements after I read them according by the ID. Please find my script:

Best regards, Branimir.

‘Select by Id’ or ‘IDs to elements’ or similarly named node in the archilab package should do that.

I tried doing that but I keep getting an error. Do you have idea why? Please see attached:

Try converting your double to a string.

may be node from clockwork also this node work too - Id must be as INTEGER

and try to change colour

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its strange for me but node Select.ByElementId is work with string too!

Has anyone tried the Modification tracking with Revit 2020?