How to find out which sheet numbers a generic annotation is on?

Hello, Is there any way to determine which sheets (sheet numbers) a generic annotation is on? I am using generic annotations which are associated to a Note Block schedule that I am placing on every sheet. The problem is when the sheet numbers change, the way I am filtering the note block is by the sheet number so I want to be able to search all generic notes, find what sheet they are actually placed on and update the sheet number parameter in the generic note to match so that everything remains consistent. and schedules properly. Does that make sense?

This would be a start


Awesome! Is there a way to filter out the sheets out of that node by any chance?

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Thanks for that, but I need keep the elements of that filtered list but I lost them somehow. I need to be able to query their names and numbers. And I cant do that. please advise.

Plug the output from your watch node into the list portion of filter.

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