Add notes to certain sheets

Hi, I have a script that will add a generic annotation family (notes) to all my marking plan sheets. This works well for all my suspended plan sheets, however i have some slab on ground sheets and footing sheets which i do not want these notes placed on. How could i filter out these sheets so the family is not placed on them? (the only difference is the naming, IE: “Shoring & Footing Marking Plan” as opposed to “Level 2 marking Plan”.

you could use ui.listview from the Data Shapes package

Thanks, Where in the sequence does that go? Sorry i am quite new to dynamo

Something like this:

I didnt filter because you can select the sheets you want to run the script for in the interface that pops up when you run the script.

but if you do want to filter because it only applies to a certain group of sheets its easy to adapt.