How to extract nested objects from a block


I have a Civil3D file that has a block that is made up of a closed polyline with a hatch. I would like to extract the polyline from the block as a polycurve. The ultimate goal is to determine the area enclosed within the polycurve, which I know how to do however, I am having trouble interacting with objects that are nested within blocks.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Could you share relevant dwg file here through Dropbox or similar?

The dropbox link to view the dwg is below. It is a very simple dwg including only a block. The block is made up of a closed polyline and a hatch. The end goal would be to determine the square footage of polyline in the block.


@DMeegan I’m not able to access what you have shared.

@Kulkul sorry about that, can you try the link below.

It didn’t work. If you’re trying to extract polylines from blocks then you could get this way:


@Kulkul awesome thank you, that looks like it is close to what I will need to do. Accessing the nexted items with list.last is what I was missing I think.

I have a follow up question regarding the coordinate system. Does that method return the coordinate system used on the blockReference in the dwg?

Hi @Kulkul,

Is it also possible to read the hatch from a blockreference?

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Yes. That coordinate system is what you have placed on the Model Space.

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This would be another topic of the day.

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