Is it possible to extract hatches from Civil3D Block?

Hello everone,

I was reading a topic about extracting data (polylines in this case) from a Civil3D Block:

and i was wondering if it is also possible to get the hatch from inside these Blocks.

ExampleBlock.dwg (889.9 KB)
HatchFromBlockAttemp.dyn (10.2 KB)


Hi @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1,

I am revisiting this topic because i can’t get this approach to work for me at every attempt, some objects work perfect, i get the exact Geometry which i need, which is great!
However other Geometry returns Hatch(Loops=0) which cant be turned into PolyCurves, am i doing something wrong or has this to do with the Geometry in Civil3D?

HatchGeometryFromBlockReference 03-01-2021.dyn (356.8 KB)
Street Marking Overview 03-01-2021.dwg (1002.8 KB)

naughty list

I’m sorry i don’t understand?
Should i have posted this on your github page?