BlockReference-Extract Global coordinates from elements of blocks

Hello mates, i 'm using blockreferences in a drawing, and i’d like to extract the points of the geometry of the block. The geometry in blocks are polylines.

When i extract the polycurves of the object.geometry from the blockobjects, those are in local coordinates ( local block system) and not in the drawing’s global coordinate system.

Do you know if there is a way to extract these information without exploding the blocks in the drawing?
I know it is possible to get points from the polylines but i don’t want to explode all the Referenceblocks.

Thank you very much!

@javiermend you need to use the Block Reference Coordinate System to transform the Dynamo Geometry

Thank you Paolo,

I have some blocks with ellipses or splines, when i extract them, they are categorized as and object with a handle. However when you try to get the Object.Geometry there is a comment "Object.Error en la operación get_Geometry. Not implemented " and a null output comes.

Is there something that i’m missing?

Thank you!!

@javiermend those geometry types are not covered currently, you are not doing anything wrong.